Prepaid electricity is an option most states do not offer. In fact, most states require you to purchase your electricity directly from the utility company provided through the local government. However, if you decide to opt for prepaid there are a few important things you should be aware of.

  • Prepaid electricity depends on you always paying your bill in a timely manner to avoid disconnection.
  • There will be little to no notice if your electricity is shut off.
  • No paper bills could result in you forgetting to pay your bill on time resulting in a disconnection of service.
  • Different prepaid companies have different fees that may be tied into the total for your bill.
  • If your balance gets down as low as $10 you may end up with no electricity.


In addition to these important service facts, there are a few advantages to prepaid service. You can pay as you go, have no deposit, no monthly bill, easy monitoring of your monthly electricity usage. All of these facts make prepaid the best option for many families in Texas. If you have additional questions regarding your prepaid options, send a request to your provider and they are required by law to inform you of all fees and other related information regarding your service.

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