The devastation that comes with a disaster or major event where lives are lost or property damaged, sad as they are, is an opportunity to course-correct. Hard times give people a chance to see what went right and what didn’t, what system needs an overhaul, and what worked well. With the increased amount of natural and manmade disasters that seem to be prevalent in the country, part of the aftermath includes people questioning whether their service providers are the best choice. As the regions affected dealt with deaths, loss of power, homes washed away, and cars missing, Texas electricity providers worked overtime in attempts to conserve power and avoid blackouts. In the wake of Super Storm Sandy, many people realized what plenty already knew; the U.S. electricity grid is in desperate need of an upgrade. Given that it has been well over 60 years since the current system was put into place, the increase in population, technology, and even pollution have made the case for a more effective power disbursement system to be implemented.

One of the things that the state of Texas leads the pack in is the usage of their power grid structure and system. Texas electricity market has successfully been using a separate and dedicated grid since the deregulation. Consumers, since the switch have been offered a choice of what provider they want to use for their electrical needs. There now exists a plethora of reliable providers in the state. No longer are you given your provider information upon moving in and stripped of the ability to shop and compare providers. Now, when you need to begin power, Texans have the ability to choose from providers based on their usage need, reputation, prices, and personal preference. This option and ability to choose extends to homeowners and business owners alike.

Some of the storm aftermath work and discussion occurring is that of finding and bringing alternatives to Texas that would help avoid or dramatically decrease power outages. Since the government decided to deregulate electricity, the proposed increase in competition, which was supposed to

lower prices, has proved to be an arduous task. The increase of alternative power resources has added to the conversation as now, solar power, wind, and renewable energy are viable options. Those who have investments in the industry or consult on the topic fear an inadequate supply may be eminent as soon as 2015 due to the flawed market.

The diversification of the market in Texas has mostly been a positive for those involved. Texas electricity ratings are in place to aid consumers in understanding the market and to make informed choices and use the company that best fits their electricity needs. The competition being so widespread through Texas now has allowed consumers to capitalize on lower prices and be confident that they are paying for only what they need and not stuck in a long-term contract that fails to meet their needs. As a home and/or business owner, you owe it to yourself to find out what your options are, compare them, and choose the company that fits your need.

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